Tel-Aviv University
School of Computer Science
Introduction to Modern Cryptography
Fall Semester 2009/2010


Exercise 4 is back

Come to collect it from Rani (if you care).

Feedback is always appreciated, right? so take back your HW#4 (and HW#3, if you hadn't already taken it).

Don't worry, we will maintain the conservative approximation of 100 to HW#4 grade when calculating the total HW grade (even though you may have a bit less…)

(02 Mar 2010 16:48)

Moed A

If you plan on Moed B, better solve Moed A first!

Here is Moed A.


I also sent an email with sketch of solutions, but you'd better try to solve the exam on your own first.

(02 Feb 2010 12:40)

First page of the exam

Don't let us surprise you.


(20 Jan 2010 18:12)

Mistake in Q3, HW #4

Forgot to divide by |X|.

You'd better prove that $Pr\left(X_i^j \textrm{ is new}\right) > e^{-ijt/|X|$; this will make the next step more plausible.
Thanks to Yossi for pointing this out.

(17 Jan 2010 21:13)

Sample exams

Here are three past exams you could use while preparing for the exam.

We don't have a whole lot of examples, but here are exams from the past years.

(15 Jan 2010 17:06)

A clarification about Assignment 3

Problem 1: more than one round is needed.

It might not be clear from Problem 1 itself, but Prudence is not required to recover $p$ in a single shot;
if, for example, in a single attempt she can rule out 10% of the remaining passwords in the dictionary, then with $\log_{10/9}(2^{30}) \approx 200$ attempts she can single out the correct password.

(27 Dec 2009 10:24)

Due date of assignment #3


We decided you could use another week, so you may submit assignment 3 until December 30th.

(20 Dec 2009 10:07)

Assignment 2, problem 3

Please note that when you are asked to find collisions wrt a hash function H, namely
two mssgs m1,m2 s.t. H(m1)=H(m2), these messages can be of different lengths.

(28 Nov 2009 16:43)

Change of Deadline, Assignment 1

All problems except problem 3 (the substitution cipher questions) are due on Wed., Nov. 11, 6:20 pm, Israel time.

Problem 3 is due on Sunday, Nov. 15, 5 pm, Israel time.

In both cases, the destination is Rani Hod’s mailbox (second floor, Schreiber building).

(08 Nov 2009 21:30)


Hints and answers to FAQs appear now on the FAQ page.

(07 Nov 2009 20:47)

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